Thursday, May 14, 2009

The "Partners Statue" Dedication

Walt and Mickey arrive backstage at the Park
The stage is set:
November 18, 1993
Stan Freeze and the Disneyland Band
are waiting for the show to start

Jack Lindquist, President of Disneyland

[He officially retired that same day] Officiated the ceremony

Roy Disney Spoke

The Fab 5 arrive...

Roy,Jack and the Gang unveil the statue. Children were on hand to help
celebrate "Mickey's Worldwide Kids Party

Special Guest in attendance were
Blaine Gibson [the sculptor of the statue]
John Hench,Marc and Alice Davis
Wayne Allwine,Russie Taylor and Bill Farmer

And the Show was Directed by Robert Ponce


Drew said...

Hey good post. but I have a question was this the first Partner Statue or 2nd to WD's ??

Thufer said...

very good post. thanks for sharing these.

Mike said...

Didn't one of the Sherman brothers play a song?