Thursday, January 21, 2010

Target Market Tour 1987

The year was 1987
I supervised a tour to Canada,
Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winapeg,
with conjunction with the Hudson Bay Stores...
We took Stacia Martin doing her sketch show
and a small version of the Sword and the Stone show
[with Merlin and a court jester]
and of corse the fab 5.
We did Promos at local TV stations and Hospitals
and shows and Meet and Greets at the Malls...
here are some shots of a Hockey half time show
that Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy did...
This was totally unplanned...
at the last minute they asked if the characters could do something...
as we were leaving the hotel Goofy grabbed his pillows
off his bed and brought them with him to the rink...
Funny Stuff!!!

This just shows what talented characters we had back then!
they could do ANYTHING!!! at a moments notice!
I was very proud of them!!!
Those were the days!!!

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