Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Disneyland Employees" FCU

Way back when...
"Disneyland Employees"
had their own Credit Union
Not a CU for the Disney Co.
But this was just for DISNEYLAND EMPLOYEES!
It became
"Partners Federal Credit Union"
and you really were treated like a "Partner"
You knew everyone,
[Sue, Joyce, Donna, Penny, and Ginger! Friends for life]
and as "Partners" grew so did it's reputation...
It was great!
About 3 years ago
"Partners" Merged with "Vista FCU"
[The Disney Studio and Florida's]
even though Vista had more members,
Partners had the better reputation...
so the name "PARTNERS!" stayed.
Sad to say,
instead of "Vista" coming up to "Partners" standards
"Partners" sank down to Vista's.
Gone is the "Partner" feeling,
and within 3 years...
All the employees that built the Credit union...Gone.

I joined the credit union when I first got my job with the park in the 70's
I even got my first Brand New Car with their help
and miss my financial friends.
but it's just a sign of the times.

OK... off my soap box...
The other day I came across this key chain that the
Credit Union sent out.
This is just one of the incredible things that they would do.
For all of you employees that built
"Disneyland/Partners" Credit Union
[Penny, Joyce, Donna, Sue, Ginger...]
and you are all Missed!


Yellows said...

I used the DEFCU and stayed with it after it became Partners until I left the Park. You're right, it was a great place to bank. I remember they had a framed print of a Normal Rockwell illustration of some old banker-type guys looking suspiciously at a young lady setting up a new computer.

Nametag Museum said...

Thanks for this post. It was very helpful in some research I was doing today. Interestingly, one of Penny's nametags recently found its way into my collection!