Friday, October 29, 2010

Boxed Disney Halloween Costumes!

Still looking for something to wear on Sunday night?
Some of these are all Boxed up and ready to go...
It looks as though Ben Cooper Inc.
made a lot of the old Halloween Costumes we remember.
Here is how the packaging changed over the years...This one made in Argentina
in the early 1970s...
"Minnie the Drag Queen!"
If you want to really be wearing a costume that NO ONE else
will have... Try one of these!
from the early 1950s
Feeling more like a Dog???
and in 1959
you could be Tommy Kirk
as "The Shaggy Dog"
And Last,
but not least...
from that Hit?
1981 Michael Crawford Disney Movie...
you too can be
Just fall back on the "Roadkill Series"
with "Roadkill Pinocchio"
I just love Ebay!
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