Friday, December 17, 2010

The Orginal TRON Premiere

I worked the TRON Premiere
back in 1982!
Here's the Program they gave out that night!
Cast and Crew
I love that Michael Eisner and Dianne Disney
we're both on benefit premiere committee.
The Character department from Disneyland
was brought in to provide entertainment for the evening.
We wore the costumes from the movie
and did meet and greets with the guests all night.
I know there are pictures out there from that night...
but I don't have any...
if I find any I'll share them with you!

Then in 1985 for the 30th anniversary T.V. special
The films costumes were used again!
this time with the Pointer Sisters doing the New"TRON" dance. I'd posted these Pics before but thought it's fun to see them again...

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