Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1975 - Where DL paychecks come from

For years we punched our time cards, watched the leads put in all those little numbers
and waited for our checks to arrive...well I just found this GREAT article from a 1975 Disneyland Line [and yes it was printed on pink paper], all about the Keypunch Operators and the Data Processing Dept.,the women who took those little cards with all the punches,most the time with more eraser marks and scraches, and turned them into TIMECARDS! ENJOY!
I love that in 1975 the
"Studio in Burbank houses FOUR computers!"

Wow how times have changed!!!
it makes me wonder how many of these women
are still with the company!


Connie Moreno said...

Boy that brought back some memories!!! I worked on a similar machine for Sears back in 75, doing change of addresses....Thanks for making me laugh!

protege009 said...
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protege009 said...

I found your blog while researching information on Harry Brice, that was a sweet tribute you did to his memory. I was researching an old cutout of a persons name designed to look like an owl, it's really cool. Anyhow, once I read the information you posted about him I decided to see what you've written more recently. I enjoyed reading about your job and the happy memories it left you with. Thank you for sharing. Zita Morrow

Alastair Dallas said...

Why are so many of your photos missing?