Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aristocats Tour

I've been real busy as a of late,
but I'm back with a new post!

November 1981
Before Video and DVD.
You had to wait 7 years to see a Disney movie in re-release.
But when they did, Buena Vista [Disney's Distribution],
would do a big tour to promote the movie.
We would Fly On the only company plane [Walt's Plane-Mickey One],
and do like 25 city's in 28 days!
This publicty photo is from The Aristocats 1981 tour.
With Wally and Fulton!
Fulton as the MC and Wally as the Butler.
we would do T.V. shows, Hospitals, Parades
and what ever else they had lined up for us in that city.
We had a BALL! I can't say enough wonderful things about these two
talented men!

So why do I post this now?
because that year we did the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
It was Cold that morning... But O' we had FUN!

Here's a close up...
The float was made of plywood and this is before you had to be
safety strapped to the float, they just told you to "Hang On!"
Those were the days!


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Michele said...

Looking for photos, memorabilia, memories, info, etc. My dad was the bassist with Scatman Crothers who lead the band that flew on the Disney jet promoting The Aristocats movie. Sound familiar? jazzqueen@gmail.com