Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dumbo Circus Parade

The Dumbo Circus Parade at Disneyland
This summer Parade was the Dumbo Unit
taken out of the Christmas Parade and expanded!
This is a great shot and you can see in the background, the Bath tub clown,
The Elephants from Jungle Book dressed for the circus and of course,
Dumbo running from window to window tyring to escape the fire.
Mickey rode on one of the music box floats from the
1st Very Merry Christmas Parade 1977.
In that parade,
Dumbo's ringmaster rode on this same float

I loved the Big Head Chipmunks!
Why Dale is holding a towel on the parade route?

The Fireman clowns ran around the firehouse float trying to save Dumbo.
Those were the days and the parades!!!!


TokyoMagic! said...

I just discovered your blog and love what I've seen so far! I'm adding a link to your blog on mine.

I was in "Fantasy On Parade" in the 80's. For me, the DL parades of today don't even compare with the ones back then. They were definitely longer and had far more characters and performers.

I remember the Dumbo float from the Xmas parades. That clown in the mini fire engine would hide inside the bottom of the float and then suddenly "bust out" by driving through the double doors. The DL lawyers probably wouldn't even let them do something like that today. You're right, those were the days.

Pollyanna said...

I will never forget that parade!
The Guests grabbed the balloons out of my hand before even being offered!
They would scream "balloon, balloon, balloon for my baby..." and I would gladly give them ALL as the strings were cutting into my hands and leaving bloody trails in my palms...To this day, I dislike, "balloons, balloons, balloons!!" :)

Robert said...
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Robert said...
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Robert said...

I remember doing this parade well! I was a full time in park character and stage manager but we all had to do the circus parade.
Sometimes I did Dumbo, on an occasion a fireman clown, often Eeyore - my regular in park costume and then King Lion on his calliope float with the CO2 that always ran out.
I wound up with my own chapter in Koenig's "Mouse Tales" II as well as one page in the first volume.