Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Summer Scenes?
The "Disco Explosion"?
or the scary rubber clown head?

Check out our friend at Vintage Disneyland tickets.
In keeping with his post today,
Here's a couple of pics from
The Circus Fantasy Parade
This was taken at Small World step off ,behind the Subs,
while waiting for the train to go by before the parade
Goofy wore these same tennis shoes as Sport Goofy.

A lot of the Costumes for this Parade came from Ringling Brothers.
Fathers and Sequins for days!!!
The tan coat and tie was the Parade Captain outfit up until the mid 80s

This is my friend Barbie...one of the most beautiful girls in the parades
she was also a "Glock Girl" at Christmas.


Rhetro Zenberg said...

Aren't all clowns kind of scary?

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