Monday, June 22, 2009

Disney Matchbooks

Remember the days of the
Tobacco shop on Main Street.
I found these little jems in a box...
crazy the things I've kept!
O the days when people smoked in restaurants,
Stores and just standing on Main Street...

I will put the VDT warning here:
*Smoking Is Bad For YOU*
I say this as a cancer survivor and believe me

Years ago,
I liked to have these matchbooks around the house
... I don't dare put them out today!
Someone might use them! LOL

and I just heard today that the cost of a pack of
cigarettes is on the rise to between $6 and $10
depending where you live! WOW!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Super post, nice collection! I have tons of match books from the '70's, as a kid I would take at least two from everywhere we went (good thing I wasn't a pyro) I could care less about the actual matches, but the covers were like little jewels that were free for taking.

Didn't know you are a caner survivor, I'm glad you made it thru it and are here with us now. Only a few things in life scare me, the "c" word is one them. I respect your courage to fight thru it, I often wonder if I have that strength.. Take Care. -Tim

JSJR said...

Love these! Find more!