Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Disneyland Grad Nite "78

The late 70s...
It was a time of Disco, Angel Fight suits
and Gunny Sack Dresses

The hot rides were Space Mt. and
The Improved Matterhorn
complete with Abominable Snowman!

The Top songs that year were:
We are the Champions-Queen
Macho Man- Village People
Stayin Alive- The Bee Gees
Disco Inferno-The Trammps
Sometimes when we touch- Dan Hill
Slip Slidin' away-Paul Simon
Three Times a lady-The Commodores
Can't smile without you- Barry Manilow
and the BEST...
Last Dance- Donna Summer


JSJR said...

These are Great!

Dusty Banks said...

Did they pipe the pop tunes of the dace thru the Main Street speakers like nowdays?