Thursday, September 10, 2009


I ran across these in my closet the other day

I used to take these with me on tours with the characters,
and if we ran across someone truly incredible!
Mickey would present them with one of these!

Disneyland visitors now are given "Honorary Citizen" buttons.
Disneyland Celebrities, Company VIP 's,
Disney executives & their families receive these special certificates.
This certificate gives the name upon it the honor of being
a very special part of Disneyland . .
(These certificates were handed out in the 80's)


The Inkwell Bookstore said...

Just out of curiosity:
What sorts of things would make one "truly incredible"?

Kevin Kidney said...

Hey Mr. Honorary Citizen!
You must be busy these days which is a good thing! Hope to see more of you (or a new post on your blog) soon - which ever comes first! ;-)