Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mickey Moo and the State Fairs

Anyone remember "Mickey Moo"?
or the fact she had a calf?
Here's info on Mickey Moo from the Mouse Planet Site:
Mickey Moo was a cow added to Big Thunder Ranch back in 1988
and lived there until her death in march 1993.
The famous thing about Mickey Moo was a black spot
on her side that resembled a big Mickey head.
This same year I took Mickey and
"Tour Guide Extraordinaire "
Cathy Campbell-
[Cathy traveled a lot with the characters, when the Disneyland Ambassador
was on the road and couldn't make it]

to all the County Fair of California!
and Mickey presented ribbons to all the prize winning animals!
To say it was HOT that summer was an understatement!

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JSJR said...

Who's the young dude with the green tie?