Thursday, April 21, 2011

Belt Buckles

Back in the 70's I wore belt buckles all the time!
these are some of my favorites from the 70's:

First up:
I bought this in San Francisco around 1974
It's a replica... but still way cool
"Award of Merit Mickey Mouse"
"Academy of Motion picture Arts and Science"
The Back reads:
"Tiffany Studio New York
United Artists Corp. Hollywood California
5 years old today 1928-1933"

This one more simple and Solid Brass
This one I bought at the park in 1977 and never wore it...
It was still in the box...

If I still had a pair of those powder blue corduroy
bell bottom pants, I'd wear those belts again!

O the 70's!


Matt said...

Nice to know I wasn't the only one wearing powder blue cords back in the day. I finished the ensemble off with dark blue Nike running shoes. Quite the fashion plate I must say :P

theelfqueen said...

These are AWESOME!

Gordon said...

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