Sunday, February 1, 2009

Disneyland's 30th T.V. special

Disneyland's 30th
Anniversary Celebration
Television Special
Our Friend over at Vintage Disneyland Tickets posted this flier
[check out his blog, It's Great!]
and it brought back memories of filming the special

and our Pal over at Bearride posted this ad from the T.V. Guide
So I dug out my photos from the filming.
I was various Characters in the special,
A friend of mine came in the park
and watched the filming and took pictures of and for me...
The year was 1985 and the special was packed with stars of the day.
Drew Barrymore and John Forsythe
In this shot Drew runs into her pal Baloo

Baloo helps her on the back of one of Hathi the Elephant
Hum... wonder if he sees the "Angle" in Drew?

A hug from Drew... what a great kid...

Tomorrow: The Pointer Sisters and the "New TRON Dance"


Kevin Kidney said...

Oh man, one of my favorite DL TV specials -- and it gets better with age. I'll never forget the sight of Mr. Lincoln singing "I want you! I want you!"

Ashley in Wonderland said...

If you're ever interested in selling your Drew photos (see my Drew collection site at, please feel free to contact me! They're really neat, thanks for sharing them here!