Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disneylands Skull Rock

This is from The Disney News Magazine Fall 1981
I sure miss the "Tuna Boat" and Skull Rock.
this was such a great area of the park, cool, shade
and just a fun place to work...
I remember when we shot this ad I thought

"Now this is Disneyland!"

These next 3 pictures are from 1978
In these next 2 pictures is character/park groupie
she would be in the park almost everyday during the summer.
and this was before the Annual Pass!


Kevin Kidney said...

Woah, that Ellen! She's incredible.

And that's about the best looking Peter Pan I've ever seen.

JSJR said...

I miss Skull Rock and the Ship!

Pollyanna said...

I miss Skull Rock and the Tuna Boat too! We used to "march"through it - and all of Fantasyland - when I was in the Snow White unit during my character days at DL. Those days were simple - when a child could "discover" a character, rather than waiting in line (a la Santa at the mall) for a meet and greet and autograph. It's all so "predictable now." Disneyland was a playground. Now it's hurry hurry hurry, wait wait wait.

DIsney On Parole said...

Never have these words been more true!!!
"Discovery" is part of childhood,
Lines and a quick "Shake and Take" are not!