Sunday, February 8, 2009

Julie Andrews

This segment was also shot at Small World Mall.
It opened wit the Sweeps dancing in front of a rooftop float.

Then she walks among the character and gives this speech

Mary Poppins made a monumental change in my life and I owe it all to Walt Disney.
He always seamed to be able to see beyond the now into what could be.
He gambled on a complete unknown in film, Me, and turned her into Mary Poppins.

He created a funny little character named Mickey and from there he gave us a family of real who will live and laugh with us forever. He gave us childhood dreams and lifetime memories.
He took a few acres of lonely land and saw a world of enchantment.

One memory I'll always cherish forever, is the thrill of seeing the Magic Kingdom for the first time
and guess who my tour guide was? The man himself! We rode all over the park in a little golf cart and do you know what the main attraction was for the people that day? Walt Disney!
People just stopped and starred at him, they could hardly believe it was him, They recognized him, They reached out their hands to touch him, They were absolutely beaming and so was he
and so was I.

I've been here many times since with my children, but nothing will top that moment.
It seemed like you could see the whole Park reflected in his eyes.
His dream had come true, a dream that we could all share, and we did.
We are, and we shall, as long as there is still a child left in each of us.

Then she sat and sang 'When you wish upon a star"


grammie said...

What a wonderful moment.. What memories you have. My memories of Disney are from the tourist point of view. The best time ever though was 5 years ago at Christmas. I had never seen Disneyland at night and this particular night, was the choir walking down Main Street in candlelight to the Train Station. What a sight. It wasn't the same Disneyland, but a wonderful experience and exactly what I needed.

FrenchDisneyFan said...

The best rendition (Imho!) of When You Wish Upon A Star ever was on that show by Dame Andrews!

And her speech was so moving!

thanks for the memories!

Mastro said...

You know, that rooftop float was used many years later in Walt Disney World's Christmas Parades holding Santa's Sleigh on its top!