Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anything Can Happen Day...

Wednesday: Anything Can Happen Day -

Today is a day that is filled with surprises,
Nobody knows what's gonna happen.
Why, you might find yourself on an elephant on the moon
Or riding in an auto underneath a blue lagoon.
Yes, we Mouseketeers think you're gonna have some thrills,
And you know it's true that a laugh can cure your ills.
And so, if you're pleasure bent, we are glad to present
The Mouseketeers' "Anything Can Happen Day."
Title: Anything Can Happen
Words & Music by: Jimmie Dodd

Mickey flew across the stage on a magic carpet
wearing his sorc
erer's robe and hat.

Then we recreated The "Sweetshop Rock" number
that the Original Mouseketeers did in 1956

In the middle of the number Cubby and his drums were wheeled
out on stage and they sang " Hey Cubby Boy"
it was another number written by Jimmy Dodd.

You know the feeling that you get,
each time your birthday comes.

Well that's the feeling that you get
when Cubby plays the drums

Hey Cubby Boy, Play Cubby Boy
Play those drums!

The 4x4 platform was for Sharon. She and Cubby had a drum and tap off...
Sherry's face says it all! We just had a BALL!!!
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