Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disneyland Tahitian Terrace

The Tahitian Terrace was a Restaurant and Show

opening in 1962 in Adventureland, next to the jungle cruise.

Dancing Hula Girls, Fire and Waterfall!!

Jump the shark!

Let's add Characters!!!

I do love this shot...

In April of 1993 it Closed

and Reopened in July as Aladdin's Oasis.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow, great colors! They sure did jump the shark by adding those Characters! Even in safari garb they look woefully out of place.

I would trade Aladdin's Slum to get the Tahitian Terrace back, even with the Characters.

PTA Transit Authority said...

Excellent group of pics. Thank you.

Sailor said...

Long ago I used to run and read a bunch of animation blogs. This one looks pretty cool, I'll have to start reading again. Some where I have a pic of me, about 5yrs old, with an unknown dwarf. We've never been able to figure out which one it was. Was there an 8th Dwarf, nondescript?

Anonymous said...

I dined at the Tahitian Terrace and can say that it was a great place to eat and the show was fantastic. The entire setting was able to transport you to a different world, a true Oasis in the middle of the chaos. Someone should tell Disney to bring it back and forget Aladdin's Oasis.
I guess I just did.

Goofy's Gal Disney Blog! said...

That Goofy picture was so cool! Sorry to hear that place closed in 1993.