Friday, March 6, 2009


One week from today...

Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann, the original kid stars of Disney's 1970s "Witch Mountain" movies, are returning with Race to Witch Mountain, the studio's re-imagining of the adventure tales starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
In a nod to the original movies, Eisenmann plays a sheriff and Richards plays a waitress at a roadhouse called Ray's in a town called Stony Creek. They help a cabbie (Johnson) and his two paranormal-powered passengers (AnnaSophiacq Robb and Alexander Ludwig).

Here's an article from the 1st Witch Mountain
No Eddie Albert or Bette Davis in this new one
But with the "Rock" the camp factor is still there!

Race to Witch Mountain opens in cinemas on March 13.

Yes, That's FRIDAY THE 13th

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