Thursday, September 10, 2009


I ran across these in my closet the other day

I used to take these with me on tours with the characters,
and if we ran across someone truly incredible!
Mickey would present them with one of these!

Disneyland visitors now are given "Honorary Citizen" buttons.
Disneyland Celebrities, Company VIP 's,
Disney executives & their families receive these special certificates.
This certificate gives the name upon it the honor of being
a very special part of Disneyland . .
(These certificates were handed out in the 80's)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Magic Kingdom Club 1979

Let's go back 30 years and get a Membership
to the "Magic Kingdom Club"
No Membership Fees or Dues!
and for only $2 you can get "3" years
of the "Disney News Magazine"
That's 12 issues!
and Lot's of Discounts!
even 10% of at Howard Johnson's! WOW!
I love seeing calendars that show when the park was closed
on Monday and Tuesdays
A One Day Passport was $7.75

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disney Credit Card!

Before ATMs and a bank on every corner,
Disney Employees had their own
Credit Card you could use at DL or WDW.
Here are examples of that card.

This first one from the 90s

This one from the late 70s thru the 80s
and this one from the early 70s
These cards made it nice to run into the park
and get a last min. birthday gift for a friend
or do some last min. shopping
before you headed home...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mickey Moo and the State Fairs

Anyone remember "Mickey Moo"?
or the fact she had a calf?
Here's info on Mickey Moo from the Mouse Planet Site:
Mickey Moo was a cow added to Big Thunder Ranch back in 1988
and lived there until her death in march 1993.
The famous thing about Mickey Moo was a black spot
on her side that resembled a big Mickey head.
This same year I took Mickey and
"Tour Guide Extraordinaire "
Cathy Campbell-
[Cathy traveled a lot with the characters, when the Disneyland Ambassador
was on the road and couldn't make it]

to all the County Fair of California!
and Mickey presented ribbons to all the prize winning animals!
To say it was HOT that summer was an understatement!