Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here's some "Disneyland " Fan Cards
that either I or my friends have saved over the years...
before there was WDW, TDL, Euro DL, HCDL
and to get the word out about the park,
there were TOURS!!!
These tours would promote the park,
New or re releases or the company as a whole.

Bringing "Disney" to the world was a lot of fun...

The first couple are the Ambassador Fan Cards.
When they would travel with the characters, they would
have these to hand out
These are just character cards
These next few cards
were for Special Weekends we had at the park...
*Winnie the Pooh Days*
*Mary Poppins Days*
and last
we had the Buena Vista Tours...
For years Fulton Burley would be the host of these show/tours
we would do Hospital Visits, T.V. interviews
and Meet and Greets...
I miss Fulton!
A great guy to be around
and the most professional person I ever worked with!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Studio Fan Cards!

For many years,the Walt Disney Studio answered the many letters and questions they received with an illustrated postcard, or "fan card." Whenever fans wrote to Disney stars like Hayley Mills, Julie Andrews, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or even Walt, an appropriately illustrated card, with a scene of their favorite's most recent project, was dispatched, with a "thank you" note typed on the back side.

The same would go for the Release or

Re Release of a movie...
We also took these cards with us on tour, to hand out...
on the back was usually printed
the theater the movie was playing in...

Monday, February 21, 2011

What does it take?

What does it take to be a Mousekteer?
Here's an artical on Allison Fonte
and what she went through...After all that you have to learn a peppy NEW opening song!

Welcome Welcome! One and all
Get yourself ready to have a ball
We're gonna dance, We're gonna sing
We're getting ready to do our thing.

It's showtime
get up and go time
It's showtime
No feelin' low time
It's showtime
with the Mouseketeers

Hurry!Hurry! Grab a seat
Listen to the rhythm of the Mousekebeat.
We're gonna laugh, We're gonna shout
We're gonna show you,what it's all about
*roll call*

It's showtime!
Showtime! Showtime!
with the Mouseketeers
Singin' and dancin' and havin' fun.
Miles of smiles for everyone
We're feelin' good, we're feelin' fine,
We're gettin' ready to make it shine.
words by: Marc Ray music by: Peter Martin

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The NEW Mickey Mouse Club (1970s Edition)

Sometimes referred to as the Disco Mouse Club,
The 70s series is fondly remembered
by the kids that grew up with it...
other than when it originally aired
and a small syndicated run
this NEW Mickey Mouse Club is almost forgotten...
In the late 70s this group of "Mouseketeers"
performed a lot at Disneyland
doing Shows and Parades...
A friend recently gave me some photos
that he had taken of them Backstage and On stage...

And the one who went on to star in "The Facts of Life"
Lisa Whelchel
Long Live Disco Mickey Mouse Club!