Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

Well here's hoping you all find that Easter Surprise!
I know I found mine...

A friend gave me this picture
of 1978 Disneyland Ambassador
Raellen Lescault

When I looked at it,
I realized it was taken at parade step off
before the Easter Parade 1978
I danced in the opening unit that year!
There I am, In the background!!!
33 years ago!
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Belt Buckles

Back in the 70's I wore belt buckles all the time!
these are some of my favorites from the 70's:

First up:
I bought this in San Francisco around 1974
It's a replica... but still way cool
"Award of Merit Mickey Mouse"
"Academy of Motion picture Arts and Science"
The Back reads:
"Tiffany Studio New York
United Artists Corp. Hollywood California
5 years old today 1928-1933"

This one more simple and Solid Brass
This one I bought at the park in 1977 and never wore it...
It was still in the box...

If I still had a pair of those powder blue corduroy
bell bottom pants, I'd wear those belts again!

O the 70's!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jungle Book Collector Glasses

More from the bottomless box in the garage:
This is the complete set of
Jungle book Pepsi Glasses
I got them in the late 70's and
put them in a box and there they stayed
until last week.
Because they were in a box for the last 30 some odd years
They were in MINT condition!
never put in a dish washer...Never Used!
[Here's the front]
I hadn't used them in all these years,
so I posted them on craigslist...
and shipped them off today...
Better they go to a good home than sit in a box...
I did find out that these
were only sold on the west coast...
back around 76-77

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blow this puppy up!

Mickey and Minnie Inflatable Pillow!
This pillow I bought at the park in 1976
yet another thing I found in a box in the garage!!!
It still inflates!!!!
Great Color!
Who knew it would last 35 years???

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bigger not always Better!

While going through a few boxes I came across these pics:
Align Left
Early in the parks history costuming thought it
be a good Idea to go BIG!!!

They sort of look like pinatas to me...

This one I love,
Minnie taking over as the park operator!
[Love the switch board!]

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1975 - The Disneyland Line

Last month I posted the first half on a
Disneyland Line from 1975...

Here's the second half:
First up is complaints and comments,
Arts and Crafts,Space Mt. update and
The Holiday Shopping Pass!!!

Next Up:
A Disneyland CLUB for Everyone!!!
A trip to Universal Studio's Hollywood!
All for $4.50 !
that's right Four Dollars and fifty cents!!!

T.V. taping , a trip to the Laserium,
screen The Apple Dumpling Gang,
or be "CREW" on the drama clubs
production of "1776",
My favorite is the CB club!!!

One of the best things at the park for employees
was the EMPLOYEE SALE!!!
You could pick up all kinds of great stuff for your home!
after you read this page you'll really wish
you had that Time Machine!!!

I remember I bought 2 heavy wrought iron chairs
that were from New Orleans Sq.
My mother still has them on her porch at home.