Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is it Christmas?

Here it is, late September...
Home Depot, Target and half the other stores in town
have the Christmas decorations on the shelves...
and it's 113 degrees out side!!
Everything's melting...

What we need is a little Christmas!!!

Here's a couple of pictures I took
for my Christmas cards in the past...

I'm now thinking of the Cool California morning
when we walked around the park to take this picture...Aaaahhhhhh...
Feeling cooler already...

and the crisp night around 4 am
when I walked over to the front of the castle to get this shot...
Stay Cool till the Holiday's

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cast Activities Summer Calendar 1978

As we wind down the summer
Lets look back at what was offered
by Cast Activities in 1978
Concert Anyone?
Look at all the Clubs you could join?!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Disneyland Employees" FCU

Way back when...
"Disneyland Employees"
had their own Credit Union
Not a CU for the Disney Co.
But this was just for DISNEYLAND EMPLOYEES!
It became
"Partners Federal Credit Union"
and you really were treated like a "Partner"
You knew everyone,
[Sue, Joyce, Donna, Penny, and Ginger! Friends for life]
and as "Partners" grew so did it's reputation...
It was great!
About 3 years ago
"Partners" Merged with "Vista FCU"
[The Disney Studio and Florida's]
even though Vista had more members,
Partners had the better reputation...
so the name "PARTNERS!" stayed.
Sad to say,
instead of "Vista" coming up to "Partners" standards
"Partners" sank down to Vista's.
Gone is the "Partner" feeling,
and within 3 years...
All the employees that built the Credit union...Gone.

I joined the credit union when I first got my job with the park in the 70's
I even got my first Brand New Car with their help
and miss my financial friends.
but it's just a sign of the times.

OK... off my soap box...
The other day I came across this key chain that the
Credit Union sent out.
This is just one of the incredible things that they would do.
For all of you employees that built
"Disneyland/Partners" Credit Union
[Penny, Joyce, Donna, Sue, Ginger...]
and you are all Missed!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Silhouette Studio and Harry Brice

On the east side of the street,
tucked between the China Closet and the
Arribas Brothers Chrystal Shop,
is a little shop that's been there forever...
It's the Silhouette Studio!

Here's an article from the Vacationland
Winter 82/83
Bonnie and Sylvia are still at the park...
I remember when we opened
Big Thunder Ranch,
Sylvia would sit on the porch of the log cabin
and spin yarn all day and chat people up about
the art of yarn...
she's a sweet lady and a true talent.

Here's an article from the Disneyland Line
Let's talk Harry Brice.Harry was the Senior Artist at the Silhouette Studio/Shop
for at least 20 years that I knew of...
Not many know that it was Harry who
came up with the idea of "Disney Dollars"!
Sadly I just found out he passed away a year ago, Sept. 5th 2009...
Here's a great tribute to Harry I found on line:;act=ST;f=73;t=16615

[The photo above is from that article]

Throughout the 80's,
whenever I'd go in the park.
I'd go through the Silhouette Shop
and say hi to Harry,
over the years I got to know him really well.

At Christmas he would be sitting in his shop,
with his briefcase on his lap,
at the end of the Parade
and I would be riding in the sleigh down Main St...
I'd look down and always say hi to my friend and ask
"How's your Holiday Harry?"
He'd give Santa a big smile and just laugh...

During "Blast to the Past"
I was atmosphere talent on Main Street,
All day I would Roller Skate, Hula Hoop
and Paddle ball up and down the street.
One day Harry called me over to the shop
and gave me a caricature he had drawn...
of ME!
What a great guy, a great talent and a great friend.

Disneyland was a fun place to work
because of Friends like Harry...

Goodbye My Friend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cinderella Audition Script

Last night I was looking through
an old binder and found
this Audition Script for the post the other day...
why do I still have this stuff!
I really need to clean more...