Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

As we head into the New Year
let's look ahead with Hope and back with
Fond Memories!

The Disneyland Line 1977
My first New Years at the park...
The Party!
The Main Gate Flier
I loved Minnie Riperton at the "Star Wars Disco"
Love the 70's
Los Angeles Times Ad
The Party 78
After 6pm tickets went up...
This next shot was from 1980 or 1981
[I can't remember which one,
I just remember it was FUN!]
For the New Years Eve party
there was an orchestra in front of the Castle...
"Father Time Goofy" made an appearance
and then at midnight,
Goofy rang in the New Year from
the top of the Castle...
See you all tomorrow...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Now back to my Holiday Photo Album
and a Very MARY Christmas!
Now these were taken about 1983 or 84
Herbie the Love Bug was in the Parade
and I was the Comic Cop [last year I posted
other pics of Herbie and I, but I just found a few more]
Here we are leaving the town sq. gate
The Trees were from the Flights of Fantasy Parade...
and then put in the Christmas Parade for the Snow White Unit.
Being the Cop was a lot of Stunt work
and Herbie beat the crap out of me!
but it sure was FUN!
These shots were taken backstage
with some of my friends...
Nice to know I could make Snow White laugh!
This taken in 1987
I saw this sign in the float warehouse and asked
the girls to take a picture with me!
What great sports they were...
The sign was used in another parade...
I can't remember which one...
as we close the Holiday photo Album...
that ends this years Christmas memories...
As a little Present to all of you...
Here's my favorite picture of Walt at Christmas time...
Reading a story in front of the castle.
Happy Holidays Everyone...
Disney On Parole

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Disneyland!

This sticker was made up by the
Costume Division
30 years ago...
Don't know where this article is from...
but fum to read about the New
Bear Country Christmas Show...

Now back to my Holiday Photos from the past

Santa Goofy and Pluto just hanging out on Main Street
before the park opens...
This one's for Anne over at Best Possible Job,
Merry Christmas...
back then the magic just poured out of the doors of the toy shoppe
This was taken inside the Christmas store
that used to be in the castle courtyard...
That was a great shop!
"And to all a Good Night"

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Parades at Disneyland!

Christmas at Disneyland
This Article is from the
Disneyland Line
All on the Brand New
"Very Merry Christmas Parade"
[which was My first parade]
This from the
Disneyland Line
Now these were the Cookies that year!
I love their look!!!

The only problem was they were made out of "Scott Foam"
The look great! but don't hold up so well...
and when it rained on the parade one day that year...
They became walking sponges!!!!
soaking up water like there was no tomorrow!!
making them very heavy!
they all came sloshing in the gate at
town square just drenched!!!
They weren't the only one that failed to be weather proof...
The Ostriches came in the gate drenched!!!
Their ostrich feathers plastered to their costumes!!!
it was real funny to see the wardrobe people between parades,
blow drying the Ostriches for the next parade!

Now back to Holiday photos from the past!This time the year is 1991
the same year yesterday's Mickey skating...

Here is the Alice unit...
Love the flowers!
Next up...
The Bakers unit!
A finale Dancer...
and last the Star of the Parade
[My sleigh was Gold that year
and I still had my "Glock Girls"!!!]

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Parade 1987

Just a few Holiday Photos
Disneyland Christmas Parade
The Toy Unit
The Stick Horse in this pile of toys
was used in The Mouseketeer show that was on
the Space Stage, a couple years before
Here you see Dale riding tha horse in that show
The Peter Pan Unit
with the Lost Boys
the Lost Boys Home and Skull rock
with Hook and Smee in the row boat,
bringing up the rear...
Burt, Penguins and The Pearlie Band
Mickey Ice Skating
[Notice no fence]
Here's a shot from 1991 of the same float with fence
Back to 1987
Here comes Santa Claus...
and the Silly Reindeer with the Finally Dancers!
We'll end today with a Mickey Street Lamp Wreath
More Holiday Photos Tomorrow...