Sunday, August 29, 2010

CINDERELLA - Live in Las Vegas

Before DVD there was Video and Laser Disc...
and in 1981 the
"Video Software Dealers Association"
was established, better known as "VSDA"
[These are the owners of the Video Retail stores]
and each year they have a huge convention and the studios
are there to show them the
New and Exciting products they have coming out...MOVIES!

The year is 1988
and The Classic
had been re-released theatrically
in 1957,1965,1973,1981 and 1987
it's going to be released
on Home Video and Laser Disc
for the First time ever!
This was the First Video
in the Walt Disney Classic Collection
to feature the "Sorcerer Mickey" Classic logo
before the Film
Now back to VSDA and Las Vegas...
Disney put together a Live Broadway style show
to present to the Dealers to get them to buy the movie...

Just to make it funnier, they cast guys in the roles
of the Step Mother and Stepsisters...

Here is the number "Sing Sweet Nightingale"
this was a lot of fun...
Just like the film, Anastasia is singing and
Drizella's playing the flute...
A fight breaks out and the place is in shambles
Cinderella is called in to clean up the mess...
a new song was written for the step sisters to sing to Cinderella...
I can't remember the title, but it was all about cleaning up the mess!
"There's a large carpet in the main hall... CLEAN IT!"...

Also if you per ordered your Video,
you got a FREE Lithograph!
Cool huh?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Black Hole

Last night the Arclight theaters in Hollywood
[Next to the wonderful Cinerama Dome]
was screening a 35mm print of the Black hole.
now I hadn't seen the film since
the premiere in 1979!
and I was really looking forward
to seeing it again on the big screen!

It was hard to not laugh out load...
Corny only begins to describe the movie...
The acting is bad and the script is worse!!!
and the sound was really bad on this print.
but all in all it was fun!
Here's an Ad from the Disney News 79'

Here's a shot, from the Disney Times newspaper,
of one of the Robot Guards in the film.
There's a silly scene where the Robots are having a
contest at a shooting range on the ship...
complete with twirling of the Guns back in their holsters...
The Roddy McDowall robot beats the Bad Robot...
and the Bad Robot
overheats/short circuits and faints!
how could you not laugh?
These next photos are from the
Premiere Party at the Century Plaza Hotel
Here one of the Robots Guard the doors to the Ballroom.
a little Meet and Greet with the
Robots and Humanoids
Annoying guest at the bottom of an escalator...
What Fun!
All the Robots and Humanoids actors
were Entertainers from Disneyland
wearing the the Movie Costumes

Last week the Arclight showed
20,000 Leagues under the sea...
Now that was a GREAT movie to see in the Big Screen!
and that was 1954!!!
Next week Mary Poppins at the
Pasadena Arclight...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The other day I was thinking about
when Mickey got his AARP card in the mail...
(Don't ask...)
but that was 1978!
seems like yesterday...

Here's some stuff from his 50th:
This is a Fan card
A little something from the Disney News

Another Fan Card

A tag flag:
Worn by cast members on their name tags,
on Mickey's Birthday

This is a Sticker
And even a book of Birthday Matches!
and one last Fan Card
for those who sent Mickey a Birthday card!