Friday, October 29, 2010

Boxed Disney Halloween Costumes!

Still looking for something to wear on Sunday night?
Some of these are all Boxed up and ready to go...
It looks as though Ben Cooper Inc.
made a lot of the old Halloween Costumes we remember.
Here is how the packaging changed over the years...This one made in Argentina
in the early 1970s...
"Minnie the Drag Queen!"
If you want to really be wearing a costume that NO ONE else
will have... Try one of these!
from the early 1950s
Feeling more like a Dog???
and in 1959
you could be Tommy Kirk
as "The Shaggy Dog"
And Last,
but not least...
from that Hit?
1981 Michael Crawford Disney Movie...
you too can be
Just fall back on the "Roadkill Series"
with "Roadkill Pinocchio"
I just love Ebay!
SWSanctum: thanks for the comments...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Chilling Sounds Of The Haunted House

When I was a kid this was the COOLEST record!
the month of Oct. I would play it over and over and over!
or until My mom would hide it from me while I was at school.

I know it's Halloween when I see the Orange on this LP cover

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mousercise at the Plaza Gardens Stage

Here's some shots from the rehearsal
of Mousercise show at the Carnation Stage.
This show ran a little longer than the other Show with Kellyn
[Those were more a Special Event.]
This Mousercise Hostess name was Robyn.
Align CenterThis show was written and Directed by the wonderful
and talented Amy Sheridan
[seen here]
and here is my good friend Robert Ponce
who went on to be the Sr. Show Director at Disneyland
He Created the Goofy Parade, The Lion King Parade
and Many other shows for the park.
Those of us who got to work and know Amy and Robert
were the lucky ones!
I miss them both.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Suggestions

With the holiday just a week away...
Here's some costumes I found on EbayAnyone want to be a Mouseketeer?
Love this oneEven has a Tail!
Hoe about this mask from Dick Tracy
and my Favorite...
"Road Kill Dumbo"

More Mousercise

Last night I found a few more things
on the good ol' Mousercise...
Here's a certificate they gave the kids...
This one signed by Kellyn
If you sweat in front of your TV
and never got one...
Print this one out and add your name!
Now don't you feel better already?

another shot from the Small world show
during Mickey's Month

Terrance T...
I don't remember there being a parade,
but there was also a Mousercise Show
over at the Carnation Stage.
I'll post some pictures from that show also...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Come On Everybody and MOUSERCISE!

The Year was 1982
and the Mousercise Album hit the stores!
And 1 year later the Disney Channel
hit the Air Waves!

One of the the Premiere Show's was:
1 Host in Head band and Leg warmers,
Characters in sweats and a bunch of kids jumping around
What a Show!!!But you could also buy a VHS and let the kids wear them self's out!
Remember these?
For "Mickey's Month", at Disneyland, in 1983
Kellyn Plasschaert
[The Host of the Show]
Made an appearance at the Park...
on a float next to Small World...
[Behind the float in now the entrance to Toon Town]
[In the last photo it looks like the kid in the center,
in pink, was so happy to see her
Disney Channel Stars LIVE
she S**t her pants!]

This is Kellyn's Head Shot ...
She was a Great gal!
Super sweet and really fun!
I was sorry to hear Kellyn passed away in April 2009

Kellyns Father, Alex Plasschaert
a native Californian had been a dancer,
choreographer, and stuntman.
He was one of the dancing chimney sweeps in "Mary Poppins,"

a Dancer in "The Happiest Millionaire"
and he danced with Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire,
Ginger Rogers, and Debbie Reynolds,
and with Barbra Streisand in "Hello Dolly" as well!
He was also a stuntman in many movies
and is responsible for coordinating several
live stunt shows at Universal Studios.

and choreographed for shows at Disneyland...

There's a whole generation that grew up with
Kellyn and the Mousercise Gang...

Come on Everybody and Mousercise,
Mickey Mousericse!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

O' the 80's

In the 80's we had Mickey and Donald's Birthday's,
and then the country went Aerobics Crazy and
Disney jumped in with "Mousersize"and we've almost forgotten
when Minnie was influenced by Madonna/Cindy Lauper
and became "Totally Minnie"
Which brings us to Goofy!
Sport Goofy!
1984 the year of the Olympic Games were here in LA...
Sport Goofy made a lot of appearances that year...Here's a program from 1984
with an article on Sport Goofy and how he came to be...
I love this little snippet on the DL hotel Tennisland!
o' the 80's - when shorts were
"Tight and SHORT!"
Some of the most memorable and rewarding things
about my time at the park were the hospital visits
In the 80's The Disney Channel sent the characters
to a lot of events at affiliate cable stations...
That year I got to travel to Medford Oregon
where Sport Goofy was the Grand Marshall
of the "Pear Blossom Parade".
I just love this ladies hat!
she could care less about Goofy,
she was just along for the ride!