Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The other day I was thinking about
when Mickey got his AARP card in the mail...
(Don't ask...)
but that was 1978!
seems like yesterday...

Here's some stuff from his 50th:
This is a Fan card
A little something from the Disney News

Another Fan Card

A tag flag:
Worn by cast members on their name tags,
on Mickey's Birthday

This is a Sticker
And even a book of Birthday Matches!
and one last Fan Card
for those who sent Mickey a Birthday card!


Anonymous said...

I designed this poster, while I was Assistant Art Director for Entertainment. But at that time ALL Mickey's had to be drawn by some one who will remain anon. I drew Mickey with a paper birthday hat on, but it was re-drawn by the expert as a fabric Santa hat!

Anonymous said...

I have a MICKEY'S 50th album,Side One,I grew up on mickey mouse
Laura Yager and the ovation children's chorus ,the mickey mouse club-two generations

Side Two, melody from bedknobs And Broomsticks.
Can anyone tell me anything about this? I can't find it on Ebay, are nothing.