Saturday, June 4, 2011

Betty Taylor and Wally Boag

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted...
I've been busy traveling for work...
But I just have to do a post this evening,
Sad to say that Wally Boag
passed away yesterday 6/3/11
and just tonight at dinner I heard that
Betty Taylor Passed away, today 6/4/11.
I have fond memories of Both of them from my days at the park...

My good friend Scott over at Mouse Club House
Has posted a really nice tribute to them
with some great photos...
Check it out at

Here are some of my favorite photos of Betty shared by Scott...
Here's a great article from 1980
Classic Betty in the audience
Betty and the Girls
Through all the years and all those shows,
she was one Classy Lady!!

I worked and traveled with him on the Aristocat Tour
back in 81'
we had so much fun!!!
he and Fulton taught me how to play Poker
while flying on "Mickey 1"- Walt's Jet

I remember doing TV shows across the country and
we would watch the playback and Wally would
look at his performance and say" Now that's Funny"
It always mad me laugh!!!
The Two of them really started the Magic in the Kingdom...
Good Bye my Friends...


The Viewliner Limited said...

R.I.P -- Thanks for all the great memories. You will be missed!

DeAnne said...

That's me on Betty's left in the red and black fan costumes. She was so fabulous and I never ad-libbed when I worked with her.