Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're Back!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!
the last 4 months I've been REALLY BUSY!
and on top of it my computer was stolen!
We always think something like that
will never happen to me...
luckily I had a lot backed up,
but there are still things I go to look for and there Gone!

I found these 3 pics from my trip to Disneyland 1964
That me in the middle with my brother and sister...
The fun we had on Tom Sawyers Island...
Not a pirate to be found!
[Damn I loved that Donald Duck Hat!]
O my god That Cabin's on FIRE!
This was taken from the skyway!
Love the Colors!!!
I hope my next post doesn't take 4 months to post! lol


Lillian said...

Welcome Back! We've missed all the good old Disneyland pics.

Manetoys said...

Hey! Nice pics. Sucks that your computer was stolen :(

mouseclubhouse said...

I hope your next post doesn't take four months, too!

Daveland said...

Great to have you back among the living—you were definitely missed. Sorry about the computer!

Connie Moreno said...

Awesome pics and so sorry about the computer. I think I would go nuts if it happened to me.

Yellows said...

Glad you're back!