Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Princess and the Pooh!!!

Yesterday I went to Disneyland This was my first trip back in a couple of years...
It's sort of like sex with an Ex.
Things really do change... O how the memory likes to play games...
So why the title of Princess and the Pooh? Well, it's like this... Disneyland used to be Special with these great shops that were themed to each land.
i.e.: the Doll shop by Small World,
The one of a kind Antique shop in New Orleans, The Perfume shop...All were different! Now...
It's one big "Disney Store" just like in any Mall... and what do they sell???
That's it! All for kids! What about the Adults??? What about us?
Now let talk the park itself... Gone is the charm. Bright loud colors! And the castle? BRIGHT PINK? the crowns were nice for the 50th but lets get back to the charm... and the street performers, they all have Microphones now... gone is the theme music to each land while these shows are going on... Loud,Loud,Loud!!! Not everything needs to be amplified! Now don't get me wrong, I was a street performer there for years.

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