Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hook, Hook and More Hook!!

Captain Hook through the years!!!

1964 - My first trip to the park...

In this photo I love how Peter Pan looks a little busty and is wearing a watch.
Hook doesn't wear gloves and the cool mod guy in the plaid pants.

Early 1980 - O the fun we had on that big ship!!!
The "Tuna Boat" and that great scull rock!

This photo was taken on the Columbia sailing ship at Disneyland.

Why were Hook and Smee in Tomorrow land?
They were in a show on the Space stage [The Disneyland Story]
that summer and before the show would do meet and greets...

Photo taken mid 80s - in front of the Peter Pan Ride

All leading up to the New Hook... The Hook of today.
New Face, New Clothes... same Sword!

1 comment:

Kevin Kidney said...

In the 1964 shot, I am dying for one of those felt caps with the ostrich plume. That all-white version is stunning! Seriously, I would wear that today. Everywhere.

Is that you wearing the Donald squeaker-bill hat?

As for Hook, I guess I'm supposed to like the newest face better because it's ...well, better. But I don't!

Thank you for posting all of these!