Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the past 10 days,
I've been to the park 4 times!
I don't think I've been there
that much in the last couple of years!
Since I don't have a pass, I pay for parking...
and it's $14.00
The last time I was visiting my mother
she gave me a few things
(Spring Cleaning)
the first is the Disneyland Parking Ticket
from my family's trip in 1964
.25 cents!!!
Now granted this was 46 years ago!!!
and it looks like my brother,
Mom &Dad played a few holes of golf
at the Disneyland Hotel

Some times Change is Good...
and then again???


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere! Isn't $14 to park nutty? I'm not that good at math, but that's one heck of an increase from 25¢!

Terrance T said...

I agree with Vintage Disneyland Tickets on the $14 parking fee. It is nutty but look at how much it is to park at LAX and other places.

BTW, I didn't even know they had a golf course at the Disneyland Hotel.

Yellows said...

I've been away for awhile too, but now posting again. Good to see you back!

Anonymous said...

The Disneyland Hotel Golf score card is a true gem! Thanks for sharing.

Brian Sibley said...

If only I lived near enough to visit that often! London's a long way off!

But your readers might care to know about my recently launched blog Decidely Disney. Visitors welcome!