Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Operation Has Resumed!

3 Scanners, a new computer and a job ending...
We're Back!

Now where were we???
O' yeah...

Paul Castle... Before Mickey...
Here's Biography from the Ice Capades program of 1958
The Mighty Mite! Short but mighty, small but speedy. This in very few words describes the little man of the big show. Just a little over four feet in height, he is perfectly perportioned and his smooth, solid muscles stamp him as a miniature Hercules. Made a name for himself as the champion of the Silver Skates Derby. He actually jumps one foot higher than he is tall. Born in Cleveland he is now a resident of Long Island. Married, He has one daughter. She is as big as Paul - so is his wife.

That really sums it up...

Here's are just a few pictures,
from The Ice Capades Programs,
when he was a Headliner

Ice Capades 1951
The Program Cover from 1951
Close Up
What a career...

Here's a picture that was at Paul's memorial service
that his family brought...

The inscription at the bottom, '
in Paul's own writing,
say's it all...

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Daveland said...

Welcome back! Fantastic picture from the Rose Parade, too!