Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alice in Disneyland

52 years ago
the"Alice" ride opened in Disneyland
on hand to open the Ride
were Walt himself, Opening day Mickey and Minnie
"Alice" Mouseketeer Karen Pendelton
A very Scary Rabbit... and Clarice the chipmunk?!!!In 1984, almost a year after
the New Fantasyland was reopened,
The "Alice" Ride reopened
Although no Walt,
Kathryn Beaumont [the original voice of Alice]
was on hand.
This Article is from the Disneyland Line 4/19/1984
Here's a couple of postcards from the 80s
What I would give to see the WHOLE Alice unit
running through the park again!

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Matt said...

You and me both. Seems these days it is only every Alice and Hatter.

Erik said...