Sunday, June 20, 2010

The DISNEYLAND Main Street Electrical Parade

Summer's here and the time is right,
for Dancin in the Street!
These shots are from 1982
The summers were great for employees of the parade...
You came in, Did your first parade,
got on the tram back to the locker room,
changed costume, got back on the tram
and were whisked over to "Bear Country"
For the "Bear Country Hoe Down"
Then back on the tram,
change back into Elect. Parade costumes
to do your 2nd Parade!

There was never time to get bored...
We just had FUN!!!

I liked the Fox and the hound unit!
and I loved that they reused 2
America on Parade costumes for the drivers...
they looked funny... but the scale was right.

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